On the Eve of our time travel....

Posted by Ben Reubenstein Sun, 15 Apr 2007 08:25:00 GMT

Today was our last day in China and we went to a very interesting variety of places; we saw the giant Buddha, the flower market, the fish market, the bird market and then the raw fish market....But then we went out with Alan, a business partner of my dad's. We had another hot pot dinner and a whole 24 pack of fabulous Chinese beer.

There is too much beer to write more, so goooood niiiight China!!!

P.S. tomorrow we will be traveling back in time and I just wanted to let you all know that the future looks GREAT!!! More pictures soon...

I Died and Went to Dork Heaven

Posted by Ben Reubenstein Sat, 14 Apr 2007 05:58:00 GMT

Today started out with a quick breakfast at McDonald's, and a train ride out of Hong Kong back to mainland China. We went to Shenzhen mainly for shopping. Our first stop was the Seg Electronics Market. Eight floors of computer components and equipment at rock bottom prices. Everything from blank computer boards, RAM, USB Memory Sticks, cameras, and every other part imaginable.

Next we had lunch at a hot pot. Spices are brought to a boil in the middle of the table and you cook various vegetables and meats in the delicious broth. It was one of the best meals we have had so far since arriving in China.

The afternoon was spent shopping in another mall that mostly sold watches, clothing, purses, and other consumer goods. Overall another fantastic day, here are the pics:

The Seg Electronics Market, 8 Floors of hi-tech goodness.

Inside endless rows of booths house the merchandise.

Sometimes the menus in China are challenging, but my Chinese is getting much better..

Stan and Jim at the Hot Pot restaurant.

Unfortunately the ice cream shop was out of corn flavor.

Global Sourcing Fair and the Stanly Market

Posted by Ben Reubenstein Fri, 13 Apr 2007 04:10:00 GMT

Today we attended the Global Sourcing Fair and the Stanly Market. Here are some pictures:

The Sourcing fair featured a myriad of technological devices for export all over the world.

Fantastic shopping was found on the coast at the Stanly Market. I picked up some "genuine" polo shirts at a very fair price.

Danielle and I on the coast.

Hong Kong - And Now for Something Completely Different 11

Posted by Ben Reubenstein Thu, 12 Apr 2007 07:15:00 GMT

Today we flew to Hong Kong. The contrast between Beijing and Hong Kong is amazing. Hong Kong is the Asian New York, absolutely amazing. There are also a lot of touches from the UK, and we had dinner in a classic pub. Here are some pictures from the day:

Out the window on our plane.

The view out of our train on the way to the hotel.

Shipping containers getting ready to be loaded onto a ship.

A common street scene in the city.

Lizard on a stick anyone?

The Great Wall and Ming Tombs 7

Posted by Ben Reubenstein Wed, 11 Apr 2007 06:34:00 GMT

Today we took a guided tour to the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall of China. To answer some questions from yesterday, no Johnny I was not playing pocket pool and if you look at the picture my hand is behind my back thank you very much. As far as the time change, we are 14 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time, so right now it is 8:40 PM on Wed. night, and in Denver it is 6:40 AM Wed. Morning. The weather is a lot like Colorado, however the air sucks! The smog is horrible, but with 15 million people in the city, that is not that big of a surprise.

The people here are very friendly, and a lot of them speak English. Walking around the city however is quite chaotic. Traffic includes pedestrians, cars, buses, and bikes all pushing and shoving their way through. I don't think the traffic signals mean all that much, I will definitely never drive in this city. Just crossing the street is a challenge. Here are some select pictures from today:

The Ming Tombs are where several of the Chinese Emperors are buried. The gate to heaven (the blue gate in the picture) sits on the meridian line that aligns with the Forbidden City.

We sampled some more local beers.

Danielle and I on the Great Wall.

This is where our tour dropped us off, and then we climbed to the top.

Beijing 14

Posted by Ben Reubenstein Tue, 10 Apr 2007 03:55:00 GMT

Today we walked around the city and had a great time. We went to the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and the Military Museum of Chinese People's Revolution. We had an excellent lunch of Peking Duck, cashew chicken, and pork over celery. Danielle captured a ton of pictures, here is a sampling.

This is our ticket for the Forbidden City. It cost 60 RMB or roughly 7 Dollars to get in.

The main entrance features Chairman Mao.

My Dad, Myself, Danielle, and Jim all standing on the Meridian line. In the past only the emperor was allowed to walk along the line. The various palaces in the forbidden city all have their center along this line, and the facilities where the 2008 Olympics are taking place are on this line as well.

Across from the Forbidden City is a man made hill. The dirt from the moat dug around the city was used to create it. We went to the top, and had a traditional Chinese tea service at the base.

Next we headed off to Tiananmen Square where I enjoyed a beer.

We finished up the touring for the day at the Military Museum of Chinese People's Revolution.