The Sopranos - Warning Spoilers

Posted by Ben Reubenstein Mon, 11 Jun 2007 10:19:00 GMT

So the Sopranos ended yesterday night. After speculating for the last 3 weeks about the potential end, none of the ones I envisioned happened. Most of the endings I had considered were from other classic gangster movies. The Scarface violent ending, The Goodfellas turn on the gang ending, or The Godfather ending where Michael ends up utterly alone.

None of these happened. In fact there was really no conclusive end, the screen showed Tony and then went black. My immediate reaction was disgust. The whole episode included seemingly unimportant shots creating tension, but never delivering. I thought my cable was broken when it just went black at the end... But after taking sometime to think on it, this was the ending that needed to be. The Sopranos were such real characters, that ending the series with some sort of apocalyptic explosion would have not served reality. The world in which they live goes on.

Several have theorized that the ending leaves a Movie option open. I really hope it doesn't go that direction. I am happy where it ended, and enjoyed every episode. Kevin Smith wrote a great piece this morning, and I agree with his argument that Tony's meeting with Jr. really summed up the series.

"You and my Dad," Tony said. "You two ran North Jersey."
"We did?"
"Hm." Beat. "That's nice."


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