Netgear WNR834B to WNR834B Internet Connection Briding

Posted by Ben Reubenstein Sun, 28 Sep 2008 21:42:00 GMT

A friend of mine had horrible reception at the far end of his house for his wireless network. He purchased matching WNR834B Netgear routers and needed to bridge them. Let me start by saying, the below setup CAN BE DONE, but it is not straight forward, well documented, or easy to do. This is the setup I finally got working

Internet Modem -wired- WNR834B (master router) -wireless- WNR834B (wireless repeater)

Here are some tips to get it going:

  • Setup the first router and make sure everything is working properly
  • When setting up the wireless repeater, wire your computer to it and statically set your IP address, do not try to set it up wirelessly
  • Turn off the DHCP server of the wireless repeater
  • Meet all the requirements in section 4-12 of this document