Google Co-op Custom Search Engines

Posted by Ben Reubenstein Thu, 07 Jun 2007 11:33:00 GMT

When Google announced the new Google Co-op, which includes custom search engines, I did not immediately see the value. I wish I understood this services huge value sooner! I was trying to configure a reliable Apache with Mongrel Clustering setup, but was having a very tough time finding information. The Mongrel-users mailing list is hosted using Mailman, which does not have an obvious search function. When querying Google I was getting those results mixed in with the rest of the web. This is a perfect example of how a custom search engine can narrow your scope and get you the right answer fast. I setup a simple custom engine that just searched I used the same query I had been using within Google, but this time found my answer almost immediately.

I have started another Ruby on Rails dedicated search engine that I hope to refine as I find more sources of information. This one searches the major Rails/Ruby mailing lists, the wiki, and the main site. I have left the search engine open, so if you have a site to contribute, feel free!

Ruby On Rails Custom Search
Google Custom Search

Mongrel Mailing List Search
Google Custom Search