Stolen Mac Laptop W88105B2YJZ 7

Posted by Ben Reubenstein Thu, 22 Jul 2010 15:44:00 GMT

This morning I showed up at Xcellent Creations, Inc. ready to rock out some code. Our company has been fortunate enough to be very, very busy lately (probably why I have not posted lately), and early mornings/late nights are the norm. I try to keep a good work / home life balance, and last night I made a real effort by leaving my laptop (serial W88105B2YJZ) at the office. This morning I was greeted by a slew of Denver Police Officers, who let me know there was a break in. Two buildings, several offices.

We were lucky in that no monitors were stolen, the Mac Pro was left in tact, and a laptop in a case was left. The stolen items included:

  • MacBook Pro Serial Number W88105B2YJZ
  • iPod Touch 8GB
  • G1 Android Phone
  • A Borrowed DVX100a Panasonic Camcorder

Needless to say the entire company and myself feel extremely violated. If you happen to be using that laptop, please know it is stolen ;).

Reasonable precautions were taken with our office door and the outside door being locked. The laptop data was secured by password, and any crucial data such as code is safely in github or our SVN repositories. I will be contacting customers today to address any concerns.

Our company as a whole will be implementing new policies and reviewing the office situation and if a move is necessary. Rest assured that we are taking this situation extremely seriously.